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  • Local Church Members
  • Students
  • Volunteers
  • Church & Conference Leadership
  • Individuals Already Engaged in Refugee & Immigrant Ministry
  • Leaders of Refugee & Immigrant Groups
  • First & Second Generation Refugees and Immigrants

We believe that empowerment and collaboration are the most effective means of change. In order to facilitate connection between individuals across North America who are interested in or engaged in refugee and immigrant ministry, we are creating a network where members can join teams, participate in workgroups and access resources and mentorship.


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Empower Refugees

Access ARIM's Refugee Empowerment Handbook here. Learn the basics of reaching out to refugees in your community and discover tried and true strategies for empowering refugees to reach their own people groups.

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Do you have a burden for raising awareness about refugee empowerment?

Access our printable materials and short film for use at your local church or event.

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