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What if evangelism done in North America could have global impact?

Volunteer refugee and immigrant leaders are establishing evangelistic movements among their language groups in North America. The congregations they nurture are becoming hubs for faith communities with contagious impact, and the Adventist message is spreading among people groups that would have been very difficult to reach before they resettled. 

Why does this model of evangelism
hold so much potential?

“God in His providence has brought men to our very doors and thrust them, as it were, into our arms, that they might learn the truth, and be qualified to do a work we could not do in getting the light before men of other tongues."
-Evangelism, pg. 570
1 million immigrantsarrive in the
U.S. each year
The U.S. admits refugees from 60 countries
At least 350 languages are spoken in the U.S. today

Why do we empower refugees?


Immediate Impact

The need for language learning and cross cultural communication is eliminated, and refugee and immigrant leaders have immediate impact on their language groups and on demographics from similar cultures.


Cultural Integrity

Without faith communities in their native languages and cultures, the majority of refugee and immigrant populations will not respond to evangelistic efforts.


Extensive Connections

Refugee and immigrant church planters are part of an organic network of community leaders around the world, enabling them to expand their efforts beyond North America.

To continue their evangelism,

church planters
require sponsorship.

Church planters are career missionaries who engage in evangelistic and lay pastoring activities full time. They unselfishly dedicate their lives to spreading the gospel and work tirelessly to create a stable Adventist presence in as many language groups as possible. We rely on donor sponsorship to support their work.

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Our Approach

At Adventist Refugee and Immigrant Ministries, it is our philosophy that refugees and immigrants must not only be included, but empowered. We recognize that given the necessary resources, refugee and immigrant congregations worshipping in their native languages will evangelize their own people groups far more effectively than any other efforts ever could.


We raise awareness about the exciting evangelistic opportunities that empowering refugees and immigrants presents.

Local Strategizing

We provide consultation to leaders and lay people seeking to empower the refugees and immigrants in their local congregations.

Financial Support

We seek to remove the barrier that a lack of access to financial resources presents to refugee and immigrant church planters.

Youth Education

We seek to put a Christian education, with its far reaching results, within reach of young refugees and immigrants.