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Translation & Creation

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Refugee & Immigrant
Resource Developers

  • Translate inspired works, making them accessible to more language groups
  • Develop culturally relevant worship materials
  • Coordinate study material collection & publication
Relevant materials support worship & evangelism

Why Cultural Relevance?

Refugee and immigrant populations represent a broad range of cultural backgrounds which heavily influence their perception of spiritual topics. Attempting to communicate the Adventist message using materials that come from an unfamiliar culture can significantly decrease comprehension and engagement. Culturally relevant materials, on the other hand, approach spiritual topics from a perspective that makes sense to refugee & immigrant populations and generate the most curiosity and interest.

Why Translation?

Timeless written materials that are essential to developing a solid understanding of the Adventist message will be translated into refugee & immigrant languages by qualified individuals.

Why Creation?

New materials that meet specific needs of Adventist refugee & immigrant communities will be developed to ensure that a complete library of Biblical worship and study material is available to every language group.