Support Church Planters

Division-Wide Evangelism

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Church Planting Consultants who:

  • Work across the entirety of North America
  • Coordinate the evangelism of entered & unreached language groups
  • Start new churches and mentor new leadership
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Local Church Development

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Local Pastors who:

  • Focus on a specific congregation or locality
  • Lead out in the evangelism of an entire community
  • Grow a church's impact & develop new community leaders
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Reaching the world starts right here in North America

Why North America?

The presence of refugees and immigrants in the United States and Canada provides an exciting opportunity to establish stable Adventist movements among dozens of language groups with connections and ties to countries all around the world. By following the biblical injunction to "love the stranger" (Duet. 10:19) and supporting our neighbors as they attempt to settle into their new homes, we can empower the creation of faith communities that will have contagious impact on unreached groups and unentered places.

Why Consultants?

Without the work of consultants, many pockets of refugees & immigrants would never be located and empowered to form congregations and faith communities. Each of the 17 language groups that we work with has one consultant, an individual with a heart for the gospel who became a leader among their people because of their initiative and vision.

Why Pastors?

Qualified native speakers of refugee & immigrant languages are nominated to pastor local congregations. These individuals are essential to the existence of faith communities among resettling groups. Their consistent nurturing & leadership grow both the membership and the impact of local congregations.