Support Adventist Education

Send Youth
to Academy & College

Your gift will support
Refugee & Immigrant Youth who:

  • Would otherwise be unable to find Christian mentors and support networks
  • Are the future of the Adventist work among refugee & immigrant populations
  • Desire to become spiritual leaders
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Send Candidates to Adventist Seminaries

Your gift will support
Pastoral Candidates who:

  • Have been nominated for church planting consultant or pastoral positions
  • Are native speakers of refugee & immigrant languages
  • Will develop culturally relevant evangelistic strategies for their people groups
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An empowered life starts with a Christian education

Why Adventist Education?

Education lays the foundation for one's future life, and providing an Adventist education can lay a foundation for evangelism, leadership, and self-sacrificial mission work in the lives of young refugees and immigrants. Adventist institutions provide them with the opportunity to develop life-long relationships with Christian mentors and friends, encounter the Adventist message in its full beauty, and prepare for a life of service to their own language groups and beyond.

Why Youth & Young Adults?

As the younger generations of refugees and immigrants grow up in North America they are faced with the challenges of resettlement and a lack of positive support networks. Providing them with the environment of Adventist educational institutions can change the whole course of their life and inspire them to reach their language groups with the gospel.

Why Pastoral Candidates?

Oftentimes, one of the greatest obstacles that refugee & immigrant faith communities encounter is a lack of culturally relevant leadership from individuals who speak their native language. Many qualified pastoral candidates are eager to enter the field and will find unentered language groups and neglected congregations waiting for them upon their graduation.